TV and Social Media star K Naomi Noinyane has been announced as the new face of foot wear brand, Footwork’s SS18 collection. Since launching in 1989, the brand has partnered with women who have excelled in their chosen fields; who are independent and style icons in South Africa. This pairing comes as no surprise, as Footwork has been observing K Naomi’s distinct aesthetic and evolution for some time. It has now teamed up with the presenter, fashionista and budding influencer as the representative for the brand’s bold, instinctual and fashionable customer.

K Naomi x Footwork

Like K Naomi’s style, this SS18 FOOTWORK collection makes a statement no matter the occasion. According to Footwork, this season’s collection sets the tone with bright colours, big florals, island prints while mixing florals and statement prints. The range also includes stand out pieces with gorgeous feather detailing and large voguish embellishments. We recently caught up with one of our #GTCAwards 2018 ‘Ambassador of The Year’ nominees:

K Naomi x Footwork


GTC: Maybelline, Reebok and Vogue Eye-wear, these are some of the global brands that you collaborated with last year. So please forgive us in thinking 2017 has been the busiest year of your career to date. Have you recovered?

KN: 2017 was the busiest year in my career for many reasons and I don’t think I have recovered yet….

GTC: Some of your brand partnerships have been pioneering. Do you think this is as a result of your efforts and your positioning, or just pure luck?

KN:  I’d like to think all my brand partnerships were results of efforts. I can confidently say that there’s been a great and authentic association between the brands I’ve worked with and K Naomi. I’ve always stuck to the same structure when it comes to positioning and the luck comes when it does but I’ve worked really hard to build my brand but most importantly constantly share the attributes and focus points that make my brand what it is.

K Naomi x Reebok SA

GTC: What does being named the first female ambassador for Reebok SA mean for you?

KN: No one’s ever asked this…
It means opening doors of opportunity for those to come after me…
It means celebrating the possibilities for any race in this case a young black girl to break barriers and be recognised.

I’ve been able to acknowledge and appreciate my journey in the industry. I made a promise that I’d stick to doing what I love and find interesting about myself (being human) that I can share with others. So being honored with this title and opportunity was a sign that you don’t have to be the most popular or most followed personality but when you are doing what you love, what you love will attract what you deserve or what is genuinely for you.

Image: Twitter

GTC: What are some of the biggest misconceptions about your body image that you think people might have?

KN: Some of the misconceptions about my body image that I think people might have is that I’m unappreciative or use my body as a source of attention or I have the ‘perfect’ body. I’m always trying to understand people, I’ve grown to understand that everyone has their own flaws whether we see them, like them or not.

When I was young I was constantly mocked about how small I was, which became something I focused on a lot because it was demeaning and it really does dumb down your self confidence. This happened for years even into high school.

I work hard to try improve my body, not for others but for myself by going to gym and changing my eating habits which has helped in many ways…with that said I’ve also acknowledged that I’m small because of my genes which are God given.

Image: Elle SA

KN: My stress levels have a great impact on my body so I lose weight really easily, others may not see it but I do when I have to wake up and put on clothes that suddenly don’t fit properly. This also takes me back to my past and ‘will I get mocked again cause I’ve lost weight’. I need to also share that I’ve been mocked and have had opinions about my body and how small I am even at my age.

It’s a mind thing that was instigated at a very young age that ‘I’ am trying to deal with and overcome and maybe only then (when I’ve dealt with it) I’ll be ok but because it’s something I’ve experienced I’ll always try protect those that have been in a similar position.

That’s why I constantly state that we all have problems and sometimes flaws that won’t make sense to others but that doesn’t mean they are any less important than theirs. Tiny people don’t always have it easy, I speak from first hand experience.

GTC:  You’re someone that takes looking good and staying in shape very seriously. What keeps you motivated to go to gym on your worst days?

KN: – …the thought of sitting at home and doing nothing, while also losing muscle. I won’t lie when I’m super unhappy I really can’t do anything but gym is a motivating factor to get out the house and do something that doesn’t involve being around people in my miserable mood.

K Naomi x Reebok SA

GTC:  You’re by far one of the best styled and well-put-together celebrity influencers in SA. Who are some of your biggest style inspirations?

KN: This is a great compliment, thank you 🙏🏽
I’m inspired by many people, sometimes random people that I’ve never met before…I’m all about vibes and trying out looks. Some of my style inspirations are Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, the likes of Rihanna, Princess Diana…street fashion and street culture. Creatives like Jason Bolden and Law Roach. I don’t think I’m at the level I want to be at with my style yet, for now I’m playing it really safe.

GTC:  What does having style mean to you?

KN: Style to me means looking good and feeling comfortable and just being your best version through how you dress.

KNaomi x Footwork
Image: Instagram

GTC: You have been recently announced as the newest face of Footwork’s Spring/Summer range. How did you feel when you got the news?

KN: I was so excited when I was announced as the newest face for Footwork. I’ve always wanted to work with a local brand and it’s been a very interesting and exciting experience. Both Footwork and I have so much room for growth and why not encourage that through a partnership. Summer’s also my favourite season and being able to share beautiful shoes with beautiful women of all ages…nothing beats that!

KNaomi x Footwork
KNaomi x Footwork

GTC: What is the one thing you’d like to be known and remembered for in this industry?

KN: Being a genuine inspiration to women and their growth. I’m always encouraging people to be real, which I’ve found has been one of the best characteristics in life especially with the crazy social pressures and challenges we always have to face.

I want to be known as a timeless brand that’s been successful in the industry as well as in the growth of other females.

GTC:  What’s next for the KNaomi brand?

KN: What’s next?
You’ll have to wait and see…

KNaomi x Footwork
KNaomi x Footwork

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