July 2015 saw True Religion Apparel Inc. file for bankruptcy protection, after its private equity owner, TowerBrook Capital Partners, struck a deal with lenders on the terms of a debt-for-equity swap to erase $350 million worth of debt from the company’s books. The supposed filing didn’t surprise me much, as I have always felt the brand failed to innovate with the fast-paced market. According to multiple reports, the brand saw a consistent decline in sales as customers moved away from brick-and-mortar and mall shopping thanks to the rise of online retailing. Additionally, premium denim sellers such as True Religion are reportedly losing ground to fast-fashion and low-price retailers as the company’s new product designs failed to resonate with consumers.

Bella Hadid True Religion
Image: True Religion

The rise of the power and influence of Millenials and their rising consumer strength can no longer be ignored. It is apparent that the pressure and the need to appeal to this generation of power spenders is being felt across industries. A year after its fall from grace, True Religion seems to have learnt its lesson and is gearing up for a high-profile comeback with the launch of its fall winter 2018 campaign. In an apparent move to attract the younger and savvier consumer, the jeansmaker has tapped supermodel and IT girl, Bella Hadid to front its fall winter campaign. “It was a great experience shooting an iconic denim campaign in Los Angeles,” Hadid told WWD. “I grew up with True Religion and was excited to play a part of the brand’s next chapter.”

Bella Hadid True Religion
Image: True Religion

“A quintessential, confident LA girl with roots at home and abroad, Bella’s voice was not only an inspiration, but an integral part in imagining this campaign, envisioning the brand through her eyes for the next generation of True Religion fans,” the brand explained in a press statement. According to the brand, Hadid’s voice was not only an inspiration, but an integral part in imagining the campaign. In addition to modeling its comeback campaign, the brand also revealed that Hadid has designed a capsule collection with them.

Bella Hadid True Religion
Image: Bella Hadid Instagram

I don’t know if it’s just me or the impact of Bella’s influence, while I may not have been a fan of their jeans in the early 2000s, I am warming up to the idea of getting a pair of skinnies from them. An all-star creative team was assembled to shoot the fall campaign, which will begin appearing in media on Aug. 27 and in all store windows across the U.S. and U.K on Sept. 6.

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