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Luxury is no longer what it used to be 20 years ago. What most brands looked down on back then, has become a trend in today’s world of luxe. A fashion shakeup has indeed ensued, from advertising campaigns, to embracing social media, talent alignments and the end of the obvious division that once existed between luxury fashion and streetwear. More luxury brands are drawing inspiration from underground, subculture and streetwear style. Much like its predecessors Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi is now grabbing a piece of the streetwear pie.

Fendi and Fila Mashup
A collaboration between Hey Reilly & Fendi as seen at Milan Fashion Week

In a further move to appeal to younger audiences, creative director, Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi of the Fendi House tapped graphic artist Hey Reilly, for a collaboration that saw the brand’s logo re-imagined through the lens of Sportswear brand Fila, for its fall 2018 Women’s Collection. “I’m beyond flattered,” the London-based artist shared on his Instagram. “I’m stunned, I’m utterly delighted, I’m… I’m … just so happy that some of my work – that was made in the spirit of fun for lols likes and sharing – should end up in the real world being seen by Karl Lagerfeld let alone made part of the @fendi collection.”

Fendi and Fila Mashup
Fendi x Fila

The Instagram artist is well known for turning pop culture moments into high fashion ads and mixing high/low logos together, like Calvin Klein and Burger King, Stella McCartney and Stella Artois or Ikea and Off White. “It was Silvia who originally found me on Instagram a few years ago, she started following me, and liking things I was doing,” he told Vogue Magazine about the collaboration. I made a fake Fendi Fila logo and Silvia re-posted it, making people think that it was a real collaboration between Fila, Fendi and me. We started talking on Instagram about working together, and over the past seven or eight months I designed some motifs for her Fall/Winter 2018-2019 collection. I was ready to do anything!”

Fendi and Fila Mashup
Fendi x Fila by Hey Reilly

The use of Fila’s font style and famous two-tone “F,” mashed with the iconic Fendi logo, which was created by Lagerfeld was reportedly a hit with the audience at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year. The limited edition collection, featuring Reilly’s work will be sold from August 2018, exclusively in select Fendi stores and on the Fendi e-commerce site. A very refreshing use of modern day artistry alongside a classic and historic brand. Another reminder to brands, especially luxury, to push themselves to adapt to changing times by employing an open mind when marketing comes into play.

Fendi and Fila Mashup
Fendi x Fila Collection as seen at Milan Fashion Week

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