To officially mark the release of its latest collection, Witchery recently launched a campaign centered around its ‘Witchery Girls’, headlined by Law Student and Influencer Kim Slaffa and her stylish group of friends. I instantly fell in love with the campaign because it reminded me of a re-imagined Sex & The City, one that represents girls that look like us. Do I wish it was a lot more inclusive? Definitely. This campaign got a big thumbs up because I am huge fan of young, independent, aspirational women, who are always on the go, chasing their dreams, supporting and uplifting one another, brought together by their love for beautiful clothes.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery

The campaign launched during fashion week season, with the campaign girls taking center-stage at some of the major designer shows. The biggest and most unexpected scene-stealer was rising star and part of the ‘Witchery Girls’, Mimi Mvakali, an Attorney who is also an up and coming YouTube content creator. We recently sat down for a chat with Witchery’s breakout star.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery


GTC: What makes a brilliant girl squad?

MM: Dynamic personalities, fierce loyalty and a sense of occasion.

GTC: Have you always had positive experiences with squads?

MM: For the most part. Friendships are complicated and can be as emotional as romantic relationships – so it’s not always smooth sailing but I have always found my girl squad to be the wind underneath my wings. The people that keep you up, that cheer you on and hold you together when you feel like breaking. That kind of support is invaluable.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery

GTC: Kim Slaffa recently invited you and some of your friends to join her on this Witchery campaign. Has this act changed your views on friends opening doors for one another?

MM: It took me by surprise because she could have picked anyone – people with more traffic on social media or a better aesthetic – but at the same time it’s very Kim. Family is everything to her and her friends are her family so who better to share this experience with. It was an authentic move on her part because we genuinely are a squad. I think it’s significant that she used her power to get the people that she wanted to work with involved – more people should do that. I think what helps is that there is no competition between us – no fear that one is going to go into another’s lane which I think is what often happens. People fear bringing other people on board in fear that they may do better or potentially remove the spotlight from them. I think that’s a misconception that should be squashed – there is genuinely enough room for everyone and your greatest asset is that you are you – there is no competition for that.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery

GTC: In our opinion, you’ve been the breakout star of this campaign. Is this something you anticipated?

MM: No, not at all but thank you for that.  I didn’t think about individuality, in my mind it was about the collective squad the whole time.

GTC: You have been receiving a lot of attention as an Influencer on the rise. Is this something you would like to pursue on a long-term basis?

MM: Yes, God willing. I am still trying to (publicly) find my footing but I would like to be able to mix it in with everything else I have going on. I intend on going back to the corporate world next year but I hope that by then I have found my groove in this industry and I will be able to do both comfortably.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery

GTC: What would you like your “Influencer” legacy to be?

MM: Authentic, stylish, relatable and personal. I do not want to mould my legacy after anyone else’s. I definitely source inspiration from those that came before me but it’s insulting to both me and them to just be a copy cat. To be able to remain my true self and have people be influence by that is the dream.

GTC: You’ve recently branched into the YouTube space. How do you think the platform will enhance your profile as an Influencer?

MM: I think YouTube is the most personality revealing platform we have at the moment so I think it is useful in getting people to fall in love with you. On Instagram – people can appreciate your eye and your style. On twitter it’s your words and thoughts. YouTube is a different offering and I think that brands are slowly moving away from the numbers game and are investing in taking a look at the actual the person and matching what they see with their product.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery

GTC: What would you like to ultimately achieve through your channel?

MM: Real life. I personally don’t like YouTube videos that are too long – I get bored. I want my channel to have bursts of relatable and insightful content ranging from fitness, mental health, fashion, money – actually everything is a go.

GTC: Earlier this year you launched your ‘Beret Influence’ brand. What have been some of the biggest challenges since you launched? When can people expect the full range and are there any plans to expand beyond berets?

MM: The biggest challenge is honestly money – I keep asking my cousin/business partner where all the money goes. Why aren’t we rich yet – we have sold so many berets! I would definitely love to expand. We just launched the genuine leather beret, we are about to launch the faux leather one which will be more affordable. There are also plans to go beyond berets but you will have to stay tuned to see what’s next.

Rising Star: Mimi Mvakali
Image: Witchery

GTC: What more can people expect from Mimi?

MM: There are 6 months left of the year which is crazy but there is still lots that I would like to take on. Sometimes I fear sharing my plans in case they do not manifest but on the other hand I do feel that articulation of your dreams is half the job done because the universe is listening. As previously mentioned I plan to launch a few fashion items thus expanding on the fashion business. I would definitely love to do more photoshoots – I am constantly thinking of dope concepts that I would like to see come into life. I am keen on collaborating with an alcohol brand – because I really want to host a pink drinks party. My biggest goal is to get myself into the traveling space – I have to make that happen!

Image: Jashughatt

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