Today I woke to tweets from my younger sister and her friends, chronicling their worst vodka horrors. Her story had something to do with her being carried into my mother’s car and throwing up, thanks to countless vodka shots. It dawned on me that, as imperfect as I am as a daughter, I’ve probably been the easiest child for my mother to raise. My mother and I are quite close, but I’ve always managed to keep a few of my shenanigans away from her.  In some way, I felt it was my job to protect her from some of my mistakes, hence I chose to not expose her to my mischievous and sometimes unfortunate behaviour growing up. One mother I’ve always felt takes on a lot as a parent is Kris Jenner, who is a mother of six, with nine grandchildren. “Keeping track of everyone, making sure they’re healthy and happy. Does anybody need anything from me this morning? My day just goes from there. I’m like a fireman, I just wear a fire suit and put out fires, all day long. That’s my job,” Kris recently told E!News when asked what the greatest thrill is about having such a growing family.

Kris Cosmetics
Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner for WWD

After announcing a supposed “hack” of her Kylie Cosmetics Instagram page, 20 year old Kylie Jenner later announced that she would be giving her mother, what I deem the best Mother’s Day gift ever! To celebrate the momentous occasion, the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family is not only giving her mother one of her famed family collaborations, she has allowed the Momager to completely takeover her business page by renaming it to @KrisCosmetics.

Granted, Kris as the Momager gets a guaranteed 10% off her kid’s deals. What makes this Kylie Cosmetics Momager collaboration an extra special gift is seeing her doing something for herself, something that celebrates the tenacity that comes with leading the Kardashian/Jenner household. For a change, the matriarch is not trying to put out fires.

Kris Cosmetics
Kris Jenner for Kylie Cosmetcis

The range is the latest collaboration Kylie has unveiled with a family member. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have all created collections for Kylie’s brand in the past. The Momager collection includes eight matte minis, a pressed eye-shadow palette, a highlighter palette, a lipstick, and a gloss, all featuring some of Kris’s most famous one-liners. My personal favorites are the “You’re doing amazing sweetie!” and “Your sister’s going to jail” shadow colours. Kris’ make-up line drops on Sunday, May 13th, to coincide with Mother’s Day.

Kris Cosmetics
Kylie Cosmetics: Momager Collection

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