Forbes Magazine reported that Italian luxury fashion brand, Gucci, saw up to 44.5% in growth in 2017. More reports claim that 50% of Gucci’s sales come from Millennials, earning the brand praise for cracking the Millennial code. Furthermore, data analysts L2 Research gave Gucci the top spot for best performing digital fashion brand in 2016 and 2017. The brand has successfully created a lifestyle that people want to emulate, and therefore buy into. Additionally, Gucci’s story is well told, and sold, online. We are currently witnessing Gucci’s Digital Supremacy.

Gucci's Digital Supremacy
Gucci’s Digital Supremacy: a wonder to witness

The demand for the new Gucci is undeniable, thanks to Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Gucci’s style and imagery revamp, which embraces a more tech-savvy marketing approach is a prime example of a fashion label that has adapted well to the social media wave.

Gucci's Digital Supremacy
Gucci SS 18

Below we expose some key lessons from Gucci’s Digital Supremacy:

Commit to an online strategy

A major component of Gucci’s turnaround is its innovative online strategy and marketing. Gucci’s creative social media campaigns weave different digital platforms to build a strong brand presence. It marries editorial content with e-commerce, resulting in the impressive online growth the brand has seen. Gucci also carries out digital campaigns through partnering with artists and performers to help expand its reach and to ensure it stays relevant in today’s fast paced world.

Gucci's Digital Supremacy
#GucciGram: An Instagram Initiative that sees the brand collaborate with Artists

Talk the talk

Cool kids can’t get enough of Gucci and this is because the brand takes cues from this group. Chief Executive Marco Bizzarri, recently revealed a “shadow committee” as their secret weapon. This is  a group of under-30 Gucci employees that Bizzarri has taken to meeting with from time to time. “It is a committee that is structured with people below the age of 30,” Bizzarri said at a summit. “The task is either discussing the same topics that we discuss in the normal meeting with executives, or giving me ideas on different processes.”

Gucci's Digital Supremacy
Gucci SS 16

Create digital buzz

Luxury fashion brands like Gucci , Burberry and Louis Vuitton who were traditionally big magazine advertisers are shifting ad spend to digital channels. Gucci has gained digital buzz because they have brought their world to life, which resonates with the consumer. “The content is curated in a way that it represents the life of the Gucci woman in a very smart and subtle way, while still making the consumer feel that they want to live in this world.”

Gucci's Digital Supremacy
Gucci’s meme campaign was a hit with Millenials

Tap into the power of Pop Culture

Gucci is a brand that is rooted in pop culture, evident with their runway collection references and collaborations. From music videos, performances and red carpets, Gucci is at the helm. The list of actors, musicians and athletes who have been seen wearing Gucci when they’re not busy working continues to grow. From Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Blake Lively, Rita Ora to Beyoncé and Harry Styles, Michele’s geek-chic designs have attracted a whole new cohort of famous fans.

Gucci's Digital Supremacy
Singer Beyoncé and daughter Blue Ivy looking adorable in matching Gucci dresses

This ladies and gentlemen, is Gucci’s Digital Supremacy in action.

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