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The meteoric rise of social media has left brands with no choice but to alter their marketing methods, birthing fresher marketing strategies. One of those strategies, Influencer Marketing,  involves using influential people to drive a brand’s message to a larger market. The desire to tap into the influencer space saw brands like Estée Lauder embrace this dynamic change. In 2014, Estée Lauder evolved its traditional brand ambassador nature by naming model and Instagirl, Kendall Jenner its new face.

Estée Lauder president Jane Hertzmark Hudis noted Jenner’s “extraordinary social media power”, as the reason for the partnership. To make their Black Friday campaign stick, Estée Lauder SA adopted a similar approach. The brand took a step to collaborate with “social media powerful” Instagirls, much like Kendall.

Estée Lauder
Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder’s Holiday Campaign

More and more consumers are filled with excitement as brands offer week-long specials during the biggest week in the world of retail. Black Friday is an American phenomenon that has slowly started catching on in South Africa. The day that has been ushering in the festive season shopping period in the United States since the 1950s started catching on our shores in 2011. While in the States, many retailers opt for the savings in their bricks and mortar premises, in South Africa, it’s taken a bit more of an online direction. Estée Lauder SA is one of the brands at the forefront of the week-long retail promo, alongside brands like Superbalist, Takealot and Amazon to mention but a few.

Last November, Lauder rolled out a Black Friday campaign to officially open shopping season, which culminates this January in South Africa. The mandate for the global cosmetics giant was simple, to dominate the social media waves through leveraging their influencers’ reach. Through the reach, the brand hoped that would translate into website traffic and the all-important, sales.

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Estée Lauder
Image: Bakedonline

The winning formula for Estée Lauder SA:

To achieve this, Lauder tapped beauty influencers Aisha Baker, Cynthia Gwebu as well as Amanda Jingela who boasts over 100k Instagram followers. Seeing the quality and level of content the brand and its influencers managed to produce was amazing. Social media users were captivated while being kept aware of the discounts the brand was offering on their website. Highly impressive and quality content production, check. Promoted posts, check. Increased brand engagement during campaign period, check. Sales targets met, well we can’t exactly say. Rumour has is that this was probably the most successful influencer campaign the brand has seen locally.

Videos by: Amanda Jingela & Estée Lauder SA

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