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What happens when the top 4 sportswear brands in the world recruit the top 4 young celebrity stars in the game to front their brands respectively? You guessed it – success and sales of course! Celebrity brand partnerships are intensifying, becoming a common and critical-for-sales feat. Four sportswear giants Nike, Reebok, Adidas and Puma have tapped into the potent magic of the it-girls, sisters and close pals – Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid. The superforce quartet with their panache and grand work ethic are dominating the fashion and celebrity industry, and now the athletic brand market. They are all enjoying the sweet incessant success in their respective careers – continuously proving to us that it’s the Jenner/Hadid world and we are all just living in it.

Kendall & Kylie Jenner for Balmain’s sibling themed 2015 campaign

Each of the girls commands an unmatched dominant powerful internet presence and influence and they have a slew of devoted followers who seemingly buy anything they endorse. It’s the guaranteed attention and increased consumer interest that makes them the most sought-after marketing commodities for big brands who seek to permeate the largest emerging millennial market with a buying power of $200 billion. Although celebrity endorsements are not necessarily a new trend, the digital era ushered an unprecedented shift in the marketing culture. Numbers is the name of the game, celebrities with huge social media following are effectively good for business, sales and bring in substantial attention to any brand.

Gigi and Bella’s respective Moschino 2017 campaigns

Adidas x Kendall Jenner

Kenny who’s had her fair share of controversy this year is not headed for demise as some proclaimed on social media, in fact it’s vice versa. On May 31st, the German sportswear brand unveiled the model-designer-reality TV star as their newest addition to an already star-studded Adidas family, including her brother-in-law Kanye West and fellow model Karlie Kloss. Clad in black signature Adidas track suit and Gazelle sneakers, the supermodel shared and captioned “Officially joining the Adidas fam” a boomerang video” of herself smiling while riding in a golf cart in front of a wall beautified with the Adidas logo “Welcome to the Family”. Jenner will focus solely on Adidas Originals which will be organically breezy as she’s known to effortlessly slay in athleisure in her every other day style. The brand released a statement saying: “A long-time fan of the brand, Kendall embodies the spirit of Adidas Originals as a creative force shaping the world today by challenging the status quo in her very own way. A classic icon, Kendall is a true Original and we welcome her to our family”

Kendall Jenner for Adidas

Kylie Jenner x Puma

The youngest Jenner who has the most Instagram followers in this group also scored herself a lucrative $1 million-dollar deal with another top athletic wear brand in early 2016. Interestingly she was initially rumoured to be joining the Adidas fam alongside her brother-in-law Kanye, but Kylie went with the competitor instead – PUMA. She joined a squad of other beautiful A-Listers in the Puma fam like Rihanna, Cara Delevigne and our very own Nomzamo Mbatha. “Kylie represents a fresh and exciting new era for fashion” the brand said, “We couldn’t think of any more fitting and influential female to headline this campaign for PUMA”. The deal includes starring in several ad campaigns for the brand. Kylie has already starred in numerous ads for the brand’s offerings; her debut ad for the lightweight trainer PUMA Fierce, the iconic PUMA Suede, the “Step out. Stand out” Fierce KRM, Fierce Swan and Swan apparel pack, the “Mad air. Don’t care” Fierce Strap Flocking and Fierce Velvet Rope.

Kylie Jenner springs into action for Puma

Bella Hadid x Nike

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Bella Hadid landed her first activewear with the top performing activewear brand Nike in November last year. The 20-year-old melancholic beauty just like her fellow counterparts on this list took to her Insta to break the news and posted a couple of photos of herself in Nike gear. In May this year, Nike re-issued the Cortez sneaker which was launched in 1972 in a Farah Fawcett inspired nostalgic 70’s vibe campaign video starring the laid-back Bella, clad in blue high-rise denim and red sporty crop top effortlessly skateboarding. Shortly after wrapping up the glitzy Cannes Film Festival, the model powerhouse returned to Los Angeles to be part of the new Cortez sneaker launch with Nike. She has had two campaigns with the athletic giant so far with more to come. “Nike is my number one since I was a kid wearing my Air Force Ones. That was my staple in high school” she said.

Bella Hadid x Nike

Gigi Hadid x Reebok

The “Knocking Out Negativity” tagline for the Reebook #PerfectNever campaign and collection starring top model Gigi Hadid reminds of me of that unfortunate incident where the she literally knocked out an Italian male attacker in self-defence during the Milan Fashion Week last year. Gigi who’s a fitness fanatic scored herself a – wait for it – first fitness campaign with the reputable sports brand – Reebok. In October last year, the athletic bombshell signed with the brand and took over the reins from UFC champion Rounda Rousey to become the face of the supreme-girlpower Reebok campaign that encourages women to celebrate their imperfections. Gigi took to Instagram to share the news with a post captioned: ““Perfect” never exceeds expectations. It doesn’t allow us to reach our full potential. May be confident and have love for who we are, but, in all that we are passionate about, may we always remember that Good is the enemy of GREAT”. For the in-demand supermodel the partnership with the sports brand is more than a gig “Working out isn’t only physical for me. It’s mental” she said in a media release, “It helps me escape the noise in my head. It’s the only time my mind goes quiet”. Earlier this year the sizzling beauty looked laid back fronting the Reebok SS17 Club C campaign for men, whilst rapper Kendrick Lamar modelled the SS17 Club C kicks for men.

Gigi for Reebok
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