This past weekend, I was part of a panel of four women at Woman&Finance’s Money Breakfast event. Former creative director for Luminance, Papama Ramogase, was one of the speakers. I have admired Papama’s work since her days at True Love Magazine to her time as the Beauty & Fashion Director at Destiny Magazine. She has since moved on to establish her own fashion label, Butter Pudding, a kiddies’ clothing label.

“When the time came and I was ready, I had kids and so much had happened in my life. I realized there was a huge gap in the kind of things I wanted to dress my kids in. If I could find it, it was ridiculously and exorbitantly priced. I knew I had the skills, I was hoping there were other mommies that felt the same way,” she spoke to Destiny in an interview about her decision to start Butter Pudding.

At the event, Papama opened up about adjusting to being a full-time entrepreneur, being a mom to her two daughters, opening and shutting down her first store and getting the once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase in Paris. What struck a chord with me during her talk was her emphasis on how grateful she was she decided to finally start the brand she had been dreaming about for 7 years.

Currently the Butter Pudding brand caters for two to eight year olds for both boys and girls, with a substantial unisex offering. Their clothes are always so unique, adorable, yet comfy and practical. According to Papama, they believe style should always be functional. The trendy kiddies’ brand is the antithesis of logo-branded clothes. “It’s for those who seek individuality and magic; who want, the personalities of their children to shine through their clothes, not compete with it,” she said.

Butter Pudding is available at selected boutiques in Johannesburg and here.

Images: Chris Saunders/ButterPudding/Xavier/Sawubona

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