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Being a businesswoman has taught me so much about myself. One of the most priceless epiphanies that have come with taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is acknowledging that I am a multifaceted businesswoman. I often come across commentary about PR Practitioners getting personal media attention or Journalists walking the red carpet or Stylists starting their own labels, basically, people having a problem with those that have diversified interests. I’ve always had a problem with this notion, because I don’t like being boxed or conforming to societal norms that dictate what I should be as a professional or as a woman for that matter. Now, whenever someone asks me what I do, I can boldly say I am a businesswoman with interests in Public Relations, Digital Media, Fashion, Beauty, and Women Empowerement. This is the reason I love Audi’s latest campaign for the new Q2, which seeks to inspire a spirit of ambitious individuality, for people to achieve success on their own terms.

The Audi Q2 is a compact SUV with progressive coupé styling; an everyday city car with the toughness for off-road adventures; a recreation vehicle with cutting-edge technology, infotainment, and connectivity. As a brand, Audi embraces values such as creativity, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit — and believes in inspiring South Africans to live their aesthetic and create their own reality. The brand’s diverse and creative spirit is very evident in their latest offering, the new Audi Q2, which has proven to be a multifaceted car hard to fit in just one category.

In what is probably the most genius and genuine piece of marketing we will see this year, Audi SA partnered with inspirational South African actress, activist, lawyer and model, Thando Hopa, as the Face of their “#Untaggable local story” for the new Audi Q2. “I’ve always believed in being my own person,” said Thando. “Growing up looking so different, I had no role models who looked like me, so I had to follow my own path. Today, I think I am stronger for that, and my aim is to inspire people by showing that you can succeed without having to fit any stereotypical view,” added the Gert-Johan Coetzee ambassador. The brand says their Audi Q2 local story aims to shed light on what keeps people like Thando motivated to shatter clichéd conventions and create their own identity.

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Thando has long carved a non-comformist path as a successful legal prosecutor, before becoming one of the most distinctive faces in South African fashion and an international human-rights activist. “Thando was the only choice as the Face of the Audi Q2 #untaggable local story,” says Head of Audi South Africa, Paul Sansom. “She personifies the Audi Q2 approach — she refuses to be boxed, labelled or categorised. We are also inspired by her personal journey, her success in so many careers and her activism on behalf of people with albinism. The truth is, Thando is impossible to categorise. She is current, edgy and upscale, but refuses to fit the mould. Her inspiring life story and unique approach make her a perfect fit for the Audi Q2, a vehicle that refuses to be labelled,” concluded Sansom.

Images: Audi South Africa/Harvest Hamburg

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