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2017 seems like one of those years that just give you hope; hope that the year will be better than its predecessor and that it will be loaded with blessings. I think it’s only natural that one would have such feelings, having survived the tempestuous 2016. In keeping up with the tradition of starting a new year, I’ve decided to, for the first time, make a New Year’s Resolution. This year, I am committing to celebrating victories, whether big or small. I’ve realised that I spent most of my 2016 focusing on what was not going according to plan, instead of what was going right. I guess it’s human nature to have an idea of what success should look like at a certain stage of your life. But, as life continues to teach me, your journey is unpredictable. The best we can do is to enjoy the ride with its bumps and endless turns, while meeting new people, collecting lessons and growing along the way.

Cluster of colorful Fourth of July fireworks

Someone who is promising to make 2017 the year of celebrating victories in stunning ways is Usain Bolt. Late last year, Bolt was announced as the “CEO” aka Chief Entertainment Officer for G.H.MUMM Champagne. In his new role, the fastest human ever timed takes a lead in devising “unique and daring” initiatives seeking to encourage consumers to celebrate with MUMM Champagne, serves as a spokesperson for the brand as well as the face of its multi-media campaign. “I’m honored to take on the role of CEO for Maison MUMM and to show the world what it means to celebrate and entertain in daring ways. My number one mission will be to enhance MUMM’s legacy in celebrating victories in stunning ways, and I’m very excited to invite all my fans around the world to raise their glasses with me,” said the new MUMM CEO.


According to the brand, G.H.MUMM is known for glorifying iconic moments, where the prestigious house of champagne and its famous red ribbon is synonymous with adventure, victory and pushing the limits on a worldwide scale. Since 2000, G.H.Mumm had been the official partner of the Formula 1™ Grand Prix, celebrating the achievements of drivers all around the world. Unfortunately, the partnership between the two power brands came to an end 15 years later, after MUMM brand owner Pernod Ricard’s reported €5 million sponsorship offer was deemed “insufficient”. The termination of the sponsorship deal saw the end of podium winners spraying each other from Jeroboams of MUMM Champagne after each Grand Prix. Instead, Moët et Chandon is presented during the trophy ceremony. In my opinion, Bolt is super qualified to take on MUMM’s first ever title of Chief Entertainment Officer, having showcased unparalleled leadership in sport. His pursuit of victory and his epic celebrations that follow his wins have entertained legions of fans worldwide. G.H. MUMM is in capable hands.


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So, let us join Mr Bolt this year and make sure that 2017 is the year we celebrate victories in stunning ways. It’s a challenge!


Images: Pernod Ricard/TheReaderOnline

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