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 “On top of my business. As of today, proud to be a co-owner of G-star RAW,” Pharrell shared this Instagram caption with his fans a year ago. This new partnership saw Pharrell overseeing various creative activities of the Dutch denim brand – from design to ad campaigns in addition to taking part in outlining the company strategy. The announcement of this partnership came two years after his sustainable fabric company Bionic Yarn partnered with G-Star in 2014, for a project, which focused on sustainable fashion. Sustainability and innovation are key to his involvement with G-Star Raw.ph1

This year, G-Star RAW is elevating the essence of jeans by combining the brand’s modern design aesthetic with the creative mindset of its Head of Imagination: Pharrell Williams. For the Spring/Summer ’17 campaign, the brand launches G-Star Elwood X25; a joint commitment to innovation, creativity and self-expression.ph3

Launched as a fresh interpretation of the 3D G-Star icon that celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016, the G-Star Elwood X25 is a translation of unrestrained self-expression captured in 25 prints curated by Pharrell Williams. Inspired by original checks, camouflages and traditional patterns from all over the world, these 25 prints make space for individuality. “The 25 prints are an expression of true creativity. They give the wearer the freedom to choose for themselves, and by doing so, empower them to decide who they want to be and what they want to wear,” commented Pharrell.ph2According to the brand, their Spring/Summer ‘17 campaign “reinforces the message of freedom of choice that has inspired the 25 unique prints”. Proving once again that video marketing is a huge trend for brands at the moment, the campaign is accompanied by a behind-the-scenes short feature film and several visual clips, all shot in analog film.

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The artistic outcome, along the launch of G-Star Elwood X25, reflects on Pharrell’s personality and style – a melting pot of cultures and global influences that have been combined with G-Star’s DNA. Pharrell’s creative journey gives me so much hope. He is always one to push the envelope and judging by the success of his other ventures and his continued influence on the G-star brand, the future looks bright for the creative.ph5

Images: G-Star

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