Draya showed us that “Hoeness can be deleted”, and it appears that Kefilwe Mabote, formerly KefiBoo, is taking charge of her brand by controlling the narrative, showing us that there is life after “Blesseeville”, which is something she was often branded as. The other day, I posted my first Twitter thread *yayers*, which was about how much I appreciate Kefi’s content and how she is an emerging Red Carpet Star in South Africa. In a not-so-surprising move, my followers reverted to the tired “What does she do?” question. I think at this stage of the game, I’ve stopped carrying about what she does or how she can afford what seems to be a lavish life.


I did a bit of self-probing, trying to figure out why answers to such questions didn’t matter to me. At the moment, I care more about what event she is attending next, where she is getting her next beauty treatment, how she achieves her impeccable brows, and most importantly, what she is wearing.


It is pretty obvious that Kefi is aware of where she wants to take her brand, her first move, distancing herself from the KefiBoo brand, which had amassed a huge Instagram following. The elegant influencer went from @KefiBoo to @Kefilwe_Mabote, which happens to be her real name. She has since cleaned up her image and social media content, a move that seems to be opening up doors for her.


Here’s what we can learn from Kefi’s brand evolution:

  1. It is not necessary to respond or entertain every negative comment made about you.


2. Identify and communicate your passion points. Hers are fashion, beauty, fitness and cars.


3. Commit to working hard to curate content regularly for your loyal followers.

4. The power of association is inarguable. Build an association with the right brands and personalities that share similar brand values as you.


5. Slay our lives my Lawd!


Images: Instagram

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