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I have a friend who is currently facing an unfortunate situation where she is expecting her first child, with an ex-fiancé. I say unfortunate because she had plans of her own, which didn’t materialize, but she is finding herself in a position of having to trust God’s vision for her life, in anticipation of the blessing of her life, the life she is about to bring onto this earth. I always tell her she reminds me of Ciara, because just two years ago, Ciara faced the terrifying prospects of being a single mother, just three months after giving birth to her first child with former her ex-fiancé, rapper Future.


I often find that as people, we are so quick to compare our “behind the scenes experiences with someone else’s highlights reel”. All factors considered, Ciara has had her fair share of life’s challenges, the most recent being her humiliating split with her ex. Imagine going from coordinating outfits, coupledom shoots, music collaborations, planning your wedding, covering bridal magazines in anticipation of your wedding and a few months down the line, you’re a single mother. As if that’s not bad enough, your said ex is unapologetic, and instead, uses every chance to bash you in public.


I find myself particularly drawn to Ciara’s journey because I believe she is one of the few that were saved by love. I believe that she was not necessarily looking for love at the time, but love chose her when she met now husband Russell Wilson. Ciara subsequently chose love by enabling herself to fall in love again and not let her past experiences dictate her path in love. The couple soon made a name for themselves, after announcing their celibacy status. We all fell in love with Russell when he pronounced his love for the Body Party singer as he proposed with a $2 million diamond worth ring. Russell, who had just signed an $87 million contract with the Seattle Seahawks later wed the Roberto Cavalli ambassador at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England.


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Ciara, who was named after the 1973 Ciara By Revlon fragrance, is the latest addition of the cosmetics brand’s list of global brand ambassadors. In her role, Ciara joins fellow global ambassadors Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone, where she will star in cosmetics ads, promote the brand on social media and serve as the brand’s ‘Choose Love’ campaign face. I hope Ciara’s love-filled journey gives my friend and many others facing similar challenges, the comfort that bad times don’t last, only tough people do. Lastly I hope we all realize that choosing love can restore our shattered images. Thank you Revlon!


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