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If there is someone who has had an incredibly, awe-inspiring year, it’s Ayanda Thabethe. I’ve been following Ayanda on Instagram since her days as a Brand Manager at L’Oreal SA. I can thank her previous partner for introducing me to the beauty, but keeping me and her legions of followers glued to her every move and coming back for more has been solely her doing. It’s not difficult to grasp the rapid growth of her social media influence, she is insanely beautiful and she understands how to position her online content, which is what has led to the success her career is currently enjoying.


Last month, Viacom International announced a new show that would be premiering on their BET Africa channel, the A-List. Also announced were the two personalities that would be anchoring the show, singer Nandi Mngoma and rising star Ayanda Thabethe. This, just a few months after her acting debut on Mzansi Magic’s Rockville, where she played a stripper (haven’t really been following this season). Ayanda’s acting debut was met with some harsh criticism, but her character seems to have evolved and began to grow on people.

Her situation more than affirms my belief that the only constant in this world is change. Ayanda is really a testament of not letting the bad times consume you. I assume 2015 to have been a challenging year for her, having gone through a high profile break up, but instead of dwelling on what did not work, she chose to channel her energy on remaining positive and building herself up. I remember watching in awe, amazed at the strength that she possessed as a woman. Not once did she hop on to media outlets granting exclusive interviews, not once did she do the obvious talk show rounds looking for public pity. Man, this woman just carried on with her hustle, taking flawless selfies and kept it moving.

We later saw Ayanda establishing her own company, Buzzworthy Media, executing brand activations for the likes of L’Oréal and others. This was followed by a swift transition into the entertainment industry, from event hosting, red carpet hosting for E! Entertainment, to acting, while modelling campaigns for designer Khosi Nkosi. On October 6th, Ayanda will be revealed as the latest celebrity endorser of LEGiTs Summer Campaign. “LEGiT approached me three months ago with the opportunity of an absolute lifetime. It is my first year in the entertainment industry and I know for a fact that many people dream of this opportunity”, Thabethe expressed with excitement on a press statement. “As a brand, we are excited to collaborate with Ayanda Thabethe for the Limited Edition range. Our collaborations are about finding  great synergies”, says Ocean Ngobeni, Brand Manager for LEGiT.


I honestly cannot wait to see the campaign and the full collection. Congratulations to Ayanda and LEGiT.

Image: Instagram/Khosi Nkosi

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