Two weeks ago, while watching an episode of SABC1’s Zaziwa, featuring Isibaya actress Jessica Nkosi, I was reminded about how different our journey’s are. I’ve watched countless celebrity interviews, both local and international, and I must admit, it was quite refreshing to hear such a relatable and authentic story about Jessica’s early days in the industry. For most celebrities, the rhetoric is around the hardships of breaking into the industry, struggling to score roles etc often overlooking the difficulty of making ends meet, even after scoring the role, or getting that internship. The truth is, there are countless challenges young professionals face after getting into any industry, due to the low entry level salaries. As part of the interview, Jessica opened up about how she used to hop around friends’ homes in her first year in Johannesburg. Obviously, her role became bigger and she started accumulating enough revenue, resulting in her eventually getting her own place.JessicaIn late 2015, Jessica’s brand was growing in visibility, her social media following was thriving, she was gracing magazine covers and was staring in her second lead role, on Vuzu’s Ayeye. At the time, Jessica made a lot of sense for brands, and I proposed her to be one of the brand ambassadors for one of the brands I represented. At the beginning of my engagement with Jessica, she was very keen and appeared to be excited about the opportunity. Following a few back and forth exchanges on the contract, we eventually had a contract for Jessica. To my dismay, she turned us down. At the time, I didn’t know Jessica on a personal level, and have since discovered that she has become very spiritual, and has a very specific vision for her brand. This has greatly influenced the way she has positioned herself and the brands with which she chooses to collaborate.Jess-Nkosi

Last year, Jessica was announced as Clinique SA’s first local celebrity alignment. According to the cosmetics giant, the screen siren would be representing and showcasing four distinct modern make-up looks achievable by using the brand’s products. jessica3

In July this year, the brand further revealed that Nkosi would be a part of their global Difference Maker campaign, alongside five other phenomenal women from across the world. According to Clinique, the initiative seeks to inspire confidence in women and empower them to make a difference in the world. Through the campaign, the Isibaya actress hopes to take on her mission to fight for future generations by providing care and support for children today, since they are the leaders of tomorrow. The #CliniquexJessicaNkosi collaboration is another showcase of how brands win by aligning with individuals who share similar values to them. The alignment is authentic to both brands and Jessica is the perfect woman to be driving this message on behalf of the brand. Jessica has a very calm, approachable and philanthropical persona, which makes it easy to believe the Difference Maker message she is advancing. Jessica-Nkosi_Clinique_690x450_crop_7Congratulations to Jessica Nkosi on her lucrative global endorsement with such a reputable beauty brand. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store. The lesson here I guess is to, remain committed to the vision you have for your brand and staying true to yourself.

Images: BONA/Instagram/Clinique

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